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‘Meet Team GP’ launches today

One Care and Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Integrated Care Board (BNSSG ICB) have launched a new public information campaign, called ‘Meet Team GP’.

The campaign introduces and explains the various professional healthcare roles working in general practice – what they are, what they do, and how they help get patients the right care at the right time.

It covers roles such as paramedics; first contact physiotherapists; clinical pharmacists; physician associates; care coordinators and more.

The aim is to improve public awareness and understanding of these roles, so patients will understand why they may be offered appointments with one of these healthcare professionals instead of a GP, and accept these appointments.

‘Meet Team GP’ uses photographs, quotes and videos featuring real practice staff from BNSSG explaining their roles. The video case studies explain some of the roles, and how they provide patient care, in more depth.

As well as advertising on social media platforms, the campaign has packs for practices to use, including digital screen images and posters for reception areas.

Learn more about the campaign on BNSSG ICB’s microsite.

General practice information campaign launches today

Your GP surgery team cares for you – that’s the message from our new public communication campaign, launching today.

The campaign aims to explain the changes in general practice in recent years, and what they mean for the public.

It showcases how GP surgeries continue to provide the same level of care they always have, and are working hard to ensure everyone receives the right support when they need it, whether that’s a face-to-face appointment, a phone consultation or a video call.

It also aims to highlight the range of healthcare professionals now based at local surgeries, including nurse practitioners, clinical pharmacists, and physiotherapists. It explains their roles, what they can do for patients, and how they work as part of the general practice team.

The campaign is being run by One Care and Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Integrated Care Board (BNSSG ICB).

Ruth Taylor, Chief Executive for One Care, said: “General practice has seen a number of significant changes recently, including the introduction of digital and online services, and the integration of different healthcare professionals into general practice.

“We want to help the public understand how their GP surgery team is here for them throughout their lives, and how their GP surgery provides them with proactive, personalised and convenient care.”

As well as activity across social and traditional media, the campaign features a microsite with information about the changes in general practice, and explanations about the roles of the different healthcare professionals patients may see at their GP surgery.

Later this month, campaign adverts featuring staff and patients from practices across BNSSG will start to appear on buses across the area.

For more information about the campaign, or to find out how you can support it, please email enquiries@onecare.org.uk.