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Making One Care a greener organisation

One Care is playing its part in the move towards net zero by taking steps to reduce its environmental impact.

One Care’s in-house green team looked at how the organisation uses resources including water, power and materials, and made recommendations on areas for improvement.

Some of the steps already in progress include reducing electricity usage by fitting energy-efficient LED lighting in the office; and automatically switching off power-hungry desktop computers at the end of the day, which can save up to 11 hours of electricity consumption.

One Care is also increasing the number of different waste types it recycles, making it easier for staff to recycle waste rather than throwing it away.

It has also eliminated the use of bottled water for meetings, instead providing carbon-zero water coolers and promoting the use of refillable drinking bottles.

One Care’s Green Team lead Harry Paul said: “It’s important we do as much as we can to minimise our environmental impact as a company. The steps we’ve already taken are quick wins that will immediately help reduce One Care’s impact on the environment. In the next few months, we’ll be looking at other, longer-term measures we can take to reduce it even further, such as renewable-only energy supply.”