Service model

Development of our service model

The primary aim of One Care  is to support the development of a strong, resilient and effective primary care service model within the local health and social care economy. We seek to enable primary care partners to work together to deliver an integrated, 24/7 primary care service that will deliver tangible benefits to patients.

The One Care service model will improve access to primary care for patients, focusing on high standards of care and uniformity of approach across the community. It will include:

  • Planned weekend reviews with a GP for patients who have an appropriate clinical need
  • Online clinical assessment and access to appointments for patients registered with a One Care practice using eConsult
  • A common approach to telephone access for patients who need to contact their GP practice with an urgent medical need
  • The underlying principle that the relationship between the patient and their usual or accountable GP is central to the management of their care


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