Get to know the GP Collaborative Board

Get to know the GP Collaborative Board

The GP Collaborative Board (GPCB) is the newly established representative decision-making body for general practice in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire (BNSSG). The membership is made up of voting nominated representatives from the Primary Care Networks in BNSSG, plus non-voting representatives from the six Localities, Avon LMC, and One Care, the GP Federation.

The GP Collaborative Board was formed as the fully representative body for general practice in our area to enable true engagement with the changing health and care landscape that will come fully into effect in July 2022. This change will see the formation of a new Integrated Care System, where organisations across health, care, and local authorities and voluntary sectors will come together as equal partners to meet the specific health and care needs of people living in their area. General practice will have representation on the Integrated Care Board, which is a key part of the overall Integrated Care System. For more information on Integrated Care Systems, please visit the NHS England website.

As general practice will be one of the partner organisations within the Integrated Care System, general practice recognised a need to come together as a unified voice. In February 2020, practices asked One Care and Avon LMC to work with them to develop and implement an ethical decision-making process and good governance framework for general practice. This work was put on hold due to Covid-19, but restarted in late summer 2020.

The GP Collaborative Board has come a long way since then. In September 2020, the Board first met in shadow form, becoming substantive in April 2021. During that time, each PCN nominated a representative to become a member and represent their PCN’s views at the meetings. The Board elected their Chair and Vice-Chair in June 2021 and recruited a Medical Director in March 2022.

During their first year, the GP Collaborative Board has focused on raising general practice priorities within our health and care system and establishing the Board as the ‘go-to’ place for our system partners to engage with general practice. The GP Collaborative Board has also enabled general practice leaders, including GPs and managers, to shape important transformation programmes, including urgent care, community phlebotomy, and mass vaccinations.

Looking towards next year, the GP Collaborative Board will work closely with other system partners to shape a shared vision for health and care in the area. The Board are also looking to increase general practice involvement in further system transformation projects, focusing initially on the outpatients and digital programmes.

Speaking about his involvement as Chair of the GP Collaborative Board, Dr Jon Hayes said:

“The GPCB is an important development for general practice in BNSSG, as it truly gives a single representative voice of general practice across our system. This means we can engage with system partners and ensure we are delivering effective and sustainable improvements in healthcare for our practices and our patients.”

If you’d like to learn more about the GP Collaborative Board please contact or visit our website.

Get to know the GP Collaborative Board

Get to know the GP Collaborative Board

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