What we do



In 2022, workforce was identified as one of BNSSG general practice’s top priorities. Workforce is also a key priority for the system. As the system workforce programme is developing, we are developing our team to make sure we can influence and participate within it properly.

Some of the successes for the programme to date include:

  • Development of staff sharing agreements to enable sharing of staff across all healthcare organisations in BNSSG
  • Initiated and redesigned Covid-19 staff and volunteer processes to support practices during the December 2022 Covid booster campaign
  • Adapted national equality, diversity and inclusivity targets locally to allow for the way general practice is structured
  • Ensured general practice is considered in workforce system discussions
  • Set up a workforce TeamNet page to inform practices
  • Strengthened relationships with the Training Hub to collaboratively support practices
  • Secured funding for a health and wellbeing programme across general practice and primary care
  • Secured funding for a variety of pilots including:
    • Collaborative bank
    • Electronic repeat prescribing
    • HR management system (HRMS)

How can I find out more?

Contact us – gpcollaborativeboard@onecare.org.uk