General Practice Intelligence Dashboards

Use data to make decisions

Save money, time and effort by making decisions based on what’s really happening in your practice.

We want to help practices make informed decisions about recruitment, resourcing and patient pathways. Our General Practice Intelligence Dashboard has been designed specifically for GP practices and in partnership with clinicians and practice managers. We want to empower leadership teams to manage and plan based on up-to-date information about activity in their practice – and 100% of practices who took part in our pilot agreed that this dashboard did just that.

The dashboard is an evolution of our successful intelligence reports, which we’ve been providing fortnightly to our practices since October 2018. It’s refreshed with new data every two weeks. Practices can use the dashboard to:

  • Save money and improve consistency – making sure clinical and non-clinical members of the team are seeing the right patients and performing the right tasks
  • Recruit the right people – if a GP is retiring, could a different clinician meet demand more cost-effectively?
  • Schedule shifts and breaks – have the right number of people working at peak times in the day, week, month and year
  • Improve patient experience – adjust access to appointments based on demand
  • Reduce the impact of frequent attenders – proactively manage patients who visit the practice on a regular basis
  • Improve employee wellbeing and staff retention – identify areas where staff could be upskilled and reallocate tasks more appropriately
  • Assess the impact of change – accurately measure the impact of new ways of working and new team members
  • Work collaboratively – use your data to compare yourself with other practices in your Primary Care Network

Here are some examples of the changes our pilot practices were able to make as a result of the information provided in the dashboard:
“We amended staffing levels on particular shifts.”
“We started proactive targeting of high impact and frequent attenders.”
“We altered patient pathways related to sexual health and contraception to free up GP time.”
“We improved nurse retention by shifting tasks and upskilling.”
“The trends are helpful in identifying where we can improve patient experience, staffing levels or adjust access.”

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