One Care’s commitment to member practices

One Care’s commitment to member practices

As part of its promise to general practice in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire, One Care has started a campaign to make sure our member practices feel they are getting the best value for money from their GP federation.

The One Care promise was developed based on feedback from practices at One Care’s shareholder meetings in early 2022. Its aim is to support strong relationships between One Care and our member practices; enabling One Care to understand the issues practices face and make sure the services we provide help to address them.

Earlier this year, we launched our new service pages covering the support One Care offers for practices. We have also introduced the concept of locality account managers, who maintain relationships and support practices in our different locality areas.

We will be running a quarterly pulse survey to gather views about our services, which include questions on awareness, value, and potential future offers.

One Care is also running a series of webinars for practices, covering a variety of topics including understanding the General Practice Collaborative Board and the new Integrated Care System; practice business intelligence dashboards; finance; and the urgent care programme.

Ruth Taylor, One Care’s Chief Executive, said: “We want to provide the best value possible to our practices, so ensuring they know about the support One Care offers, and how to make use of it is the driving force behind the promise. That’s why the engagement reports are so important, as they show practices which services they’re making use of, and where there’s help available that they haven’t accessed yet.

“We always want to hear feedback about how we’re doing, so we’re really looking forward to getting the survey results and using that feedback to drive our future strategy and service offering.”

One Care’s commitment to member practices

One Care’s commitment to member practices

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