Continuity of care

Our practices are working together to improve continuity of care, but what does that mean for patients?


One Care has been awarded £248,000 to increase relational continuity in general practice across BNSSG. We have committed to working with practices with a combined patient population of at least 400,000.

Why are we doing this?

The One Care continuity of care project is based on a bid we submitted to the Health Foundation. This programme was inspired by a recent piece of research completed by the Health Foundation, which demonstrated that patients with ambulatory sensitive conditions who see the same GP a greater proportion of the time have fewer unplanned hospital admissions.



The Health Foundation is supporting five projects for up to two years and BNSSG was lucky enough to successfully received funding for two of the five projects!!

What sort of evidence?

If you see the same person or small team of people, over a number of appointments then the levels of trust between you both are likely to grow. Studies have shown that increased trust leads to a better experience because patients are:

  • more satisfied and more likely to have a good relationship with their GP
  • less likely to have to go to A&E or be admitted to hospital
  • more likely to follow the advice they are given and take positive steps to look after their own health
  • more likely to receive good quality of care

Are there any disadvantages?

It may be that sometimes patients will be asked to wait a little bit longer for an appointment so that their practice can make sure they see ‘their’ doctor (or nurse). If patients have an urgent problem, practices will always make sure that they are seen as quickly as they possibly can.

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