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Name of LARC fitter: Dr K Keltie

GP or Nurse? GP

FRSH qualifications

Date of FSRH Diploma Qualification: 19 May 2022
(DFSRH for GPs, NDFSRH for nurses)

Date of FSRH Faculty Trainer (FRT) Qualification: 19 May 2022
Date or Last Re-certification Date

BNSSG local qualifications

Date of BNSSG Letter of Competence - IUT: 19 May 2022

Date of BNSSG Letter of Competence - SDI: 19 May 2022

General information

If fitter's re-certification is due in the next 12 months are they intending to re-certify or convert to a Faculty LoC: Not sure

Is fitter currently fitting LARC as part of the role that they have in the practice? Unknown

Other qualifications

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