Fitters register

LARC fitters across BNSSG

One Care were asked by practices to provide a central repository for a LARC fitters register.  This is it.  This part of the website is only accessible via pre-approved user name and passwords.  Each practice can add their fitters and select who can then view each record (from other practices, One Care, the PHT commissioners and Unity).

This will allow all practices to be able to check the qualifications of fitters before referring their own patients to collaborative LARC hubs.

One Care will benefit from helping support practices with workforce development.  Unity will benefit from supporting and integrating services across BNSSG.  The PHTs require assurance of the fitters qualifications as part of the contract award/adherence to FRSH guidelines.

If maintained this would save practices having to report on fitters qualifications to the relevant PHT Commissioner.

If you have been given login details please enter them below to view your profile & search the database

Or you can register your practice and then start adding fitters to the register.

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